Identity — Valeur Designers  

In 2018 then David Lewis Designers adopted their new name, Valeur Designers to reflect the long-standing leadership of lead designer and CEO, Torsten Valeur. And so they asked me to take a look at their logo visual identity.

I have worked with the studio for many years — and this next step was a process of evolution and transformation — developing a subtle visual identity and a website that allow the studio’s characteristic work to stand out, and a beautifully printet booklet to showcase some of their remarkable work.



Project details



For expert advice on the fine art of printing I collaborated with Søren Hørdum of Hørdum & Engelbrecht.


Here you can see their website:

Identity — Metronome Productions  

Gentle update of iconic logo

Metronome is one of the largest production companies in Denmark. When ever I mention them, people will immediately start singing their characteristic sound track, which has beed around for what seems like forever.

After having worked with Metronome on their signage system for the shared office building in Jenagade, they asked me to take a look at their logo and visual identity.

The logo was as well known as the sound track —  the two seamingly inseparable — so we decided to just very gently update and tighten up the logo — simplifying and reducing elements, so that the logo would be even more in accordance with the distinctive three tones and three beats of the soundtrack.



What I did and delivered

Logo animation
Visual identity

Identity — The Image Faculty  

Visual identity for creative image production start-up

The Image Faculty is a Copenhagen based creative image production company, that offers high expert services within 2D and 3D productions and film post-production. Their logo is designed to show just that.

What I did and delivered

Logo and visual identity
Business cards



Wayfinding & Signage — Metronome, Studios & TV3 Sport  

Wall graphics give a sense of place, and differentiate between otherwise similarlooking spaces

Stairways have names so people can guide visitors via the door

Signage system for creative media HQ in Copenhagen

Three large, media companies — Metronome, Studios and TV3 Sport — share a building in Copenhagen. This means a constant stream of visitors of different kinds, with widely varying information needs.

2013 saw the phasing out of the manned reception desk. An effective wayfinding system was therefore needed to help people get to where they want to be.

I was responsible for developing, designing and implementing the whole system, including coordinating the sub-contractors involved.

What I did and delivered

Way-finding analysis
Overall design concept
Signage system
Project management

Identity — Vistisen Falk Winther  

Logo, visuel identitet and website for tax attorneys

Visual identity for tax attorneys

Vistisen Falk Winther attorneys specialize in tax law. When the three partners joined forces in 2018, they asked me to develop their new visual identity and website.


What I did and delivered

Logo & visual identity


Here You can see their website:

Wayfinding & Signage — Thiemers Magasin  

Lighting up the winter darkness.

Thiemers Magasin is a delicacy bookstore located in the lively neighbourhood around Værnedamsvej in Copenhagen. In their own words, an oasis that provides space for literary immersion and social debate with good books in beautiful surroundings. They serve a good cup of coffee and host literary events with current authers, writing groups and reading clubs.

However, in the darkness of the winter months — when most books are sold in Denmark — the bookstore is not really visible from the busy Værnedamsvej. To fix this, we made a simple illuminated sign with the word BOOKS. The sign is designed and proportioned specifically to fit the building facade discreetly, and only attracts attention when lighting up the winter darkness.

What I did and delivered

Design of a custom made illuminated sign
Project management and implementation

Qajaq KBH  

Banners, T-shirts and caps for Qajaq København

Qajaq Copenhagen is a qajaq-club for hand build greenland qajaqs, housed in Christianshavn, in the old powder storage building of Christian the 4th.
Over the years I’ve helped out with little things like t-shirts, caps and banners. It’s  really not much of a design project — So I suppose it’s just here as an excuse for showing pictures of my beloved qajaqs.

Identity — David Lewis Designers  

Visual identity and website for an iconic design studio

David Lewis Designers is a renowned industrial design studio. They specialise in visually captivating consumer electronics, and have been responsible for the design of some of the most iconic Bang & Olufsen products, in a collaboration that extends back to the mid–1960s.

I have worked with David Lewis and Torsten Valeur through the years — developing and refining a subtle visual identity and a website that allow the studio’s characteristic work to stand out clearly – and memorably.

What I did and delivered

Visual identity

Identity — Suhrs Madakademiet  

Logo variations lends / adds playfull variation to the visual identity.


Launched with a live lunch street event in the heart of Copenhagen



Pasers-by were invited to sit down for spontaneous free meal.

Bringing the food academy into the 21st century

Suhrs Madakademiet (the Food Academy) is a modern offspring of Suhrs Husholdningsskole – for more than a century the most renowned housekeeping school in Denmark. In 2012, a big decision was made to update the school name, structure and identity – re-invigorating the school’s traditional values for use in a modern world.

I developed and implemented the new logo and visual identity pivotal for this important new push, in collaboration with Michael Søndergaard. These were introduced in May 2012, and launched with a lively street-lunch event in the heart of Copenhagen, where passers-by were invited to sit down for a free meal.

What I did and delivered

Visual identity
Launch lunch event

Who I worked with

Developed in collaboration with graphic designer and ice cream maker Michael Søndergaard

Wayfinding & signage — Arwos utility company  

Complete signage system for utility company and recycling facility

In 2013, the Danish municipality of Aabenraa decided to establish a new facility to house the municipality’s many utility and recycling functions.

The architectural vision for this new facility was a village-like environment, with distinctive wooden buildings inspired by agricultural barns and the mixed rural/industrial setting.

The way finding concept I was commissioned to provide was developed to relate to the architectural qualities as well as the surrounding landscape, establishing a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and adding a visual layer of cohesive visual identity to the whole area.

The signage system was developed with specific attention to meeting the practical needs of those using and operating the recycling facility. Guiding visitors to where they want to go and helping them deposit items in the right place are crucial for streamlining operations and ensuring greater efficiency.

What I did and delivered

Wayfinding analysis
Design concept for comprehensive outdoor/indoor signage system
Implementation and project management

Who I worked with

Developed in collaboration with Fridbjørg Architects

Visual communication — Cotes  

Design and communication strategy for dehumidification technology company

Cotes delivers effective, energy-efficient dehumidification solutions to a wide range of specialist industries. The company has been undergoing a radical transition and expansion from a small manufacturer of dehumidifier hardware to an international supplier of humidity management know-how.

As Cotes set out to become the go-to experts in their field, it became essential to completely rethink the company’s profile. I have therefore worked with Cotes over an extended period on developing and refining a coherent visual identity as well as an overall design and communication strategy.

The result is a clear, overall structure for the communication effort, with a system of effective information formats and communication tools, that highlight the company’s unique knowhow, and provide clear visual explanations of complex technological set-ups.

What I did and delivered

Design and communication strategy
Visual identity (except logo)
Booklets and brochures
Information graphics
Communication tools
Online dealer forum

Identity — Indslev Brewery  

Visual identity and product labels for brewery

Indslev Brewery is the only Danish brewery that specialises in producing wheat beer. The brewery opened in 2005 when Anders Busse Rasmussen bought back the old family brewery, originally established in 1897.

After thorough renovation and modernisation, the brewery now stands out as an innovative modern enterprise with a strong local anchoring.

The brewery’s new visual identity had to reflect this. The new company logotype, is inspired by the old hand painted lettering with the original name, that was still visible on the façade of the old buildings. For the logo, the swan was an obvious choice – Swans featured on the original Indslev Brewery beer labels – and there’s a strong tradition for using the bird’s strength and elegance to symbolise Indslev local industry and craftsmanship.

What I did and delivered

Logo and visual identity
Design concept for beer labels
Communication material
Website 2006 (not current)


Developed in collaboration with Sofie Engel, then partner at the Hald Engel design studio


Danish Design Award 2009
Creativity + Commerce — Print International’s Business Graphics Review 2009